Griefers are a group of Griefers first introduced in Chapter 25: The Presidential Race.


  • TNT Dick (leader)
  • Griefer Daniel
  • Dynamite Kenney (unwillingly; one time deal)
  • TNT Anthony (deceased)
  • TNT Elliot (deceased)
  • Griefer Mohawk Slicer
  • Griefer Terrance
  • Griefer Charolette
  • Griefer Redstone Slapper


Mostly overweight with bandanas, with the exception of Kenney, who is slim, and Elliot, who is slim and is dressed in all black. TNT Anthony has black skin, unlike the rest of the Griefers.


  • Chapter 15: Fallen Angel (Kenney only)
  • Chapter 16: Revenge of the Dark Star (Kenney only)
  • Chapter 17: The New Warrior (Kenney only)
  • Chapter 18: The Loss of a Friend (Kenney only)
  • Chapter 19: Return of Eric (Kenney only)
  • Chapter 20: Bludgeoned (Kenney Only)
  • Chapter 21: Goodbye, Lukas (Kenney Only)
  • Chapter 22: Mitchell's Justice (Kenney Only)
  • Chapter 23: The Griefer Hunt (Kenney Only)
  • Chapter 24: The Cryptic Stalker (Kenney Only)
  • Chapter 25: The Presidential Race (Death of TNT Anthony)
  • Chapter 26: President Elect
  • Chapter 27: Von Cooper
  • Chapter 28: The President Elect's Unfinished Business (Death of TNT Elliot)
  • Chapter 29: 4 Years Later (Kenney Only)
  • Chapter 30: In Space (Kenney Only, Kenney's departure)

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